Watching Eagles, Image © RCJ Jansen                                                                        


Originally from Hampshire, Sophie Morrish moved from central London, where she studied at Chelsea School of Art and the Royal College of Art, to mainland Scotland in 1996.

Working as a lecturer at Glasgow School of Art (1994 -2006), Morrish developed her creative practice in what she refers to as her ‘Walden Years’, living in a caravan at the foot of the Campsie Fells. From here she moved to the heart of The Great Forest of Loch Ard in the Trossachs, where a life long fascination with the natural world continued to inform the progress of her work. In 2007 Morrish relocated to North Uist in the Outer Hebrides, a deliberate move to further inform her practice (broadly speaking, her work draws inspiration from the natural world, particularly the phenomenal experience of landscape and our human perception of ‘other’ animal life). After a decade in the Outer Hebrides,  Morrish has returned to mainland Scotland and her former location at the foot of the Campsie Fells, re-engaging with that familiar landscape a decade on.

Morrish is a member of the board of Directors of ATLAS Arts on Skye, ‘Land2’ environmental art research group, (University of Leeds), with more than twenty years experience teaching in places as diverse Glasgow School of Art, Central Academy of Fine Art, Beijing, China, H.M.Prison Brixton and M.S. University Vadodra, India. She is also a member of the Scottish Contemporary Art Network, a-n network and the Scottish Artists Union

NOTE: In 2014 the artist was awarded a Scottish Natural Heritage 'EPS' Licence, (European Protected Species), allowing her to legitimately hold natural history specimens protected by law.