3 Islands International Artists Residency                                                                                              Triangle Arts Trust, 2008                                         ISBN09545787-8-3 / 9780954578-7-8-7

Text from the residency blog, used on artists page

"At this time of year red deer are about to begin 'the rut', (mating season). On a late night/early morning drive across the island last week I encountered a large group of bachelor stags. It was a beautiful night, full of stars, I got out of the car and listened as the deer moved tentatively through the heather, stopping just a few metres from me. In the still and dark they felt very close. These 'visits' have become a regular feature of the last week for me.

During the day I have walked over the hills hoping to see (amongst other creatures), golden eagles and red deer - I have not been disappointed. One sunny afternoon I went to a sheltered spot I know they liked and was rewarded by a close encounter with approximately 25 deer - 10 stags, the rest hinds and calves (they did not see me).

Deer hold a particular fascination for me, for many reasons - particularly their questionable 'wild' status (given human interventions to manage populations, habitat etc.).

I have been making work derived from found red deer material (bones & antlers), photographs and audio."